Over the last decades coated tools and components have been continuing to advance strongly since their modest beginnings in the mid 1980´s.

Many important innovations, for instance HSC or dry and hard milling, would not have been possible without PVD technology.

Forming, punching, and injection moulding all profit from considerably faster processes and lifecycles multiplied many times over.

Other sectors are beginning more and more to see and exploit the advantages of coatings. There is a great need here for consulting and teamwork in the project planning and development phase.

Yet ultimately it is all about generating for each component the optimal engineering and economical solution combining functionality, choice of materials, surface treatment, coating, coefficient of friction, and workpiece geometry – a task involving diverse skill competences.

The following pages present a number of standard applications. For other applications there will surely be many questions you need answers to. Call us in confidence! We’ll be pleased to advise you.